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Below are some of the scenarios that require resetting of a WordPress website to its initial speed up wordpress state. Before you go ahead and reset your entire website, you should take a back up of the website so that if in case anything goes wrong you can always roll back to your previous state.

  • WordPress – How to create a “Must-Use” plugin (mu-plugins)
  • Click on “Install” button
  • Add the first code snippet to your wp-config.php directly above the line
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Get more search traffic and grow your audience with each new article
  • The plugin allows you to showcase unlimited posts from Facebook on your timeline
  • 75GB RAM
  • Edit as required and click the Update button

When you want to restore a backup of the site – when something goes wrong in your website and you want to restore the entire website from backup, you may have to reset the website and then roll back to the previous state by restoring the backup. WordPress by default does not have this option where you can roll everything back to the initial default state. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into the details on how we can reset a WordPress website. Now you have a fresh new installation of your WordPress website and you can now work on your new website afresh.

Make sure it points to the new sub-directory instead of to the root directory where your first installation of WordPress is probably already located. But there are ways that you can reset WordPress and of course there are plugins that can help you do it. But using WP-CLI you will only be resetting the database, for the rest of the data like the themes, plugins, and the media uploads, you will have to reset them manually.

Using WP-CLI, you can reset the WordPress site using the command wp db reset. Deleting a WordPress site is not easy if you have purchased a domain from WordPress. Since you already setup a domain with Godaddy, you need to choose the box that says “I have a domain name” and enter your domain name.

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